The following basic parameters can be used to compute the money spent in your company on writing tests in the last week. Please feel free to adjust them.

Money wasted in your company on manual implementation of JPA-layers (starting last week):

$ 1234

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HEDL comes with tons of features that will boost your efficiency.
Intuitively describe entities With HEDL you describe software persistence entities in the most concise way.

No boilerplate — just entities, properties and relations.
Integrate seamlessly HEDL is easily integrated with your development infrastructure.

From IDE to continuous integration.
Test automatically HEDL automatically generates JUnit tests for your JPA-based persistence layers.


  • Intuitively describe persistent entities
    HEDL provides a concise and intuitive language to describe persistence entities. This language supports entities, properties (read-only, read-write, unique), enumerations and uniqueness constraints over multiple properties. You can define 1:1, 1:N and N:M references, inverses are also available. The HEDL syntax is close to Java so developers can easily switch between the two languages.
  • Strongly reduce coding effort and erroneous donkeywork
    Generating code with HEDL saves you from writing lots of boilerplate (e.g., getter and setter methods) in entity classes. Also the DAOs contain sophisticated methods for the creation, deletion and look up of entity objects that otherwise would have to be written by hand. Less donkeywork also means fewer errors and more consistency.
  • Automatically generate JPA-compliant persistence layers
    HEDL contributes a comprehensive code generator that automatically generates entity classes, enumerations and rich data access objects (DAOs). Also, JUnit tests are generated for all entities to ensure the correctness of the JPA provider and the interoperability between the JPA implementation and the database of your choice.
  • Seamlessly integrate HEDL with your development infrastructure
    HEDL is fully integrated with the Eclipse IDE. It provides a powerful editor with all functions you are used to when developing an an IDE. For your build server, HEDL comes with tasks/plug-ins for your favorite build tool.
  • Easily refine the code generated with HEDL
    All code generated with HEDL can replaced or augmented with manual refinements or extensions. You can easily add custom functionality or provide manually optimized queries to your persistence layers. By strictly separating generated and manually written code, HEDL avoids any conflicts when regenerating code from updated HEDL specifications.
  • Flexibly extend code generation
    HEDL is prepared to be extended with custom code generators. You can adapt HEDL for your specific infrastructure and conventions.
  • Continuously ensure the operability of your persistence layer
    The HEDL code generator automatically derives JUnit tests to ensure the operability of your persistence layer. This helps you to easily detect bugs that sneak when adding custom functionality.