The following basic parameters can be used to compute the money spent in your company on writing tests in the last week. Please feel free to adjust them.

Money wasted in your company on manual implementation of JPA-layers (starting last week):

$ 1234

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Build JPA layers 100 times faster Entities. DAOs. Tests.

HEDL automatically generates and tests your JPA-based persistence layers.
Use a simple language — The Hibernate Entity Definition Language

JPA2.0-compliant entity classes are generated from a simple and concise language.
Easily create large models HEDL provides tools for managing large persistence layers.
Test automatically HEDL automatically generates JUnit tests for your JPA-based persistence layers.

About HEDL

HEDL is a tool to blazingly fast create JPA-based persistence layers that are fully consistent, fully functional, and fully tested.

The Hibernate Entity Definition Language (HEDL) helps you to save time and money. The average LOC ratio between the DSL and Java code is 1:100, which means that for every line in HEDL an average of 100 lines of Java code is generated. Stop writing boilerplate, concentrate on the important parts of software development!

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